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Fast. Easy. Secure. Our national network of expert Whitestone jewelers will get you the best price for your fine jewelry.

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Get speedy fine watch appraisal like nowhere else

We understand the gravity of a “shortage of funds” situation. That’s why we have designed a unique, fast, and impeccable appraisal system. In other words, you bring in your precious whitestone jewelry and walk away with a fair price quote the very same day. Your luxury watch will be estimated for a fair price going by the market standards at the hands of the finest experts in the field.

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Why work with Whitestone Diamonds?

Diamond appraisal requires a specialist to look at your stone from several different angles. At Whitestone Diamonds, we take our job of appraising diamonds very seriously. No trick, no ploys. Our diamond appraisal methods are guided by years of practice and are all the way logical and comprehensive, without any hidden information.

Diamond appraisal is an essential task for both, the buyer and the seller. We believe that the seller deserves a fair share of the products they are selling. Selling diamonds in Miami and other precious jewels and metals like gold must not involve a third party dealer orunreliable purchasers. Thus, we shall introduce you to Whitestonediamonds, the most trusted diamond buyer in Midtown Jewelers Miami.

Being one of the prime white stone jewelers around, we have certified whitestone fine jewelry experts inour team who shall attend carefully and guide you effectively throughout the selling process. Even if you are not well-equipped with the knowledge and experience in selling diamonds/ whitestone jewelry, we have coherent means and professional experts to help you get the right amount in return for your whitestone fine jewelry. We offer just and notable appraisals if you wish to sell your wedding ring and other precious ornaments and watches.

We are an experienced and proficient diamond buyer in Midtown Miami and we make sure that our skills and years of experience can fetch you the correct amount for your jewelry and watches. Our appraisal procedure is transparent and comprehensive and you will not be disappointed by it.

Summing up, Whitestone Diamonds does not have any hidden charges or tricks. We are esteemed white stone jewelers, and buy midtown diamonds only after careful appraisal and attentive estimation. Thus, if you want to sell wedding ring online, we have 100% guaranteed solutions for you.

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Gia Certified

We offer GIA certified diamonds.

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Get The Best Price For selling Diamonds!

Do you own a precious piece of whitestone jewelry which you want to exchange for a fair and attractive price? If yes, we have the best solutions for you.

Welcome to Whitestone Diamonds! We have
a team of professional white stone jewelers who shall guide you in the entire process of selling your gold and white stone diamond jewelry. We shall purchase the jewelry you want to sell and offer you the best prices in return.

Selling luxur diamonds and gold is a crucial task that needs to be carefully attended. Jewelry is a precious and pricey commodity and you need to make sure that the purchasers of this product are reliable. As a result, you often have to undergo complicated formalities and a whole lot of paperwork.

Sell Your Wedding Ring to a Trusted Buyer!

Precious stones with GIA certification in Miami and gold need immense expertise while handling. You shall thus, look for functional means to sell precious items like diamond rings or Rolex watches. If you are looking for a hassle-free selling process which is trustworthy at the same time, we
are here to assist you!

You can now sell your wedding ring, you should rely on a trusted and experienced organization. A wedding ring
is a precious item which needs to be taken care of in expert hands.
These fine white stone jewelry products can get you high value for money, if attended carefully. We have been in this industry for a long time and we have served over hundreds of satisfied clients. In conclusion, we buy fine whitestone diamonds while ensuring your fair payment through a simple and fast procedure.

We Buy Diamonds at Fair Prices!

We have highly skilled and professional whitestone jewelers on board with us to assess the fair price of the item you want to sell. If you want to sell wedding ring online, you shall get the value of your product estimated with trusted expertise. So, wait no
longer! Connect with us to get a quote for your precious whitestone jewelry.

If you are running a bit short in
funds, whitestone jewelry can always be a good solution to your issues. Pricey jewelry products like diamond and gold rings, pendants, bracelets and many more are worthy assets. If you are not using the commodities frequently, selling diamonds in Miami can put an end to a lot of your financial complications. However, make sure to sell your diamonds to a trusted and reliable whitestone jewelry house.

Sell Diamonds to The Most Reliable Diamond Buyer in Midtown Miami!

Coming to luxury watches, it is always advisable that they are sold
to reliable Rolex buyers in Midtown Beach. If you own a luxury watch which is no longer in
frequent use, you can always consider selling watches for cash.
Expensive watches from popular sellers like Rolex often have
customized jewels planted on the product. If you have any such watch,
you have high chances of getting a handsome sum of money in exchange.

Even without the jewels, luxury
watches have been in high demand since time immemorial. These
products are not only functional, but often serve as a powerful
status symbol. If you are looking forward to selling your precious
and customized watch, we are the most trusted Rolex buyer in Midtown

What makes us the best choice?

Selling diamonds and precious Whitestone jewelry is easier than ever before.

Why should you trust us among our counterparts?

The answer is simple: We buy Midtown diamonds through hassle-free procedures and fair appraisal.

Our services are efficient, reliable and exclusive. You can make an appointment with us for the following services:

1. Sell your wedding ring, luxor diamonds, gold, silver, platinum and gold at the best prices. We shall offer the best deals!

2. Consult our experts for the best deals in diamond wedding rings. We have GIA and DCA certified experts with us, whose years of experience shall guide you in the process of selecting the ideal rings without retail hassle.

3. Know the accurate market value of your luxury watches. Consult with our team of midtown jewelers and professionals who specialize in different brands of these timepieces.

4. Get the most affordable appraisal service in the city. Selling diamonds in Miami needs careful assessment and attentive procedures.

5. If you are a diamond buyer in Midtown Miami, we are your go-to option. We offer high-quality fine whitestone jewelry items at the best prices.

You can easily schedule an appointment, based on your requirements and we shall bring premium consultancy services.

We have served several clients from different parts of the town and have delivered impressive results. We are an experienced whitestone jewelry house with adept certification in precious commodities, aiming to provide you with the best deals while you are selling Midtown diamonds.

Our procedures are simple and we are equipped with state-of-the-art appraisal tools and techniques, carried out by coherent experts. We strive to deliver a simple, comprehensive, transparent and hassle-free experience to the clients who wish to sell or get trusted guidance on white stone jewelry deals.

Whitestone Diamonds

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?

We are originally located in Miami. We are a certified diamond buyer in Midtown Miami and we even have an online store, for those who wish to book appointments, get appraisal or sell your pricey whitestone jewelry at the best prices. We serve in our nearby areas like South Beach Miami, Edgewater Miami, Aventura etc…

2. Do you offer Rolex watch consultancy?

You can fix an appointment with us and get high-quality consultancy services with our experts for your luxury watches or timepieces. We do offer premium consultancy for Rolex watches too. You can easily schedule a 30 minutes appointment with us. Also, we are a reputed Rolex buyer in Midtown beach Miami, if you wish to sell your watch for a good sum.

3. How can I book an appointment online?

To schedule an appointment with us, you need to choose the service you are seeking an appointment from. We offer multiple consultancy services. Once you have made the selection, enter your personal information and contact details. Your appointment will be confirmed at the earliest and you shall receive premium services from our team of experts.

4. Are your experts trustworthy?

We have a team of certified and experienced professionals for consultancy and appraisal services. You can rely on our years of experience and also refer to the client reviews for assurance.

5. Do you offer refunds and exchanges?

At Whitestone diamonds, we do not offer exchanges, returns or refunds on our products since our products are custom made and cannot be sold to different clients. However, we do initiate refund and exchange processes for defective products within 7 days of purchasing. You need to submit a written notice about the faulty product and we shall provide the replacement.

6. Do you have a physical store?

Yes, we do have a physical store in Midtown Miami, FL. We are a registered diamond buyer in Midtown Jewelers and diamond buyer in Midtown Miami and serve in our nearby areas like South Beach Miami, Edgewater Miami, Aventura etc…You can visit the ‘Contact us’ page for the address and pay us a visit for your queries.

You can even book an online appointment with our experts in simple steps.