About Us


White Stone Diamonds is one of the premier diamonds and gold buying and selling venues in the world, we sell high quality retail jewelry at wholesale pricing. We provide collectors with a reliable place to obtain rare items and sellers a dependable place to get fair prices for their valuables. Our passion is connecting people who care about valuable and unique items and helping those who find themselves in need of fair quotes for their belongings. White Stone Diamonds has worldwide reach with small-town service that suits the needs of any individual looking for services relating to gold, jewelry, watches, luxury items, and antiques. 

To talk more about what we can do for you, call our office today. We’d love to talk to you about how we can provide you with quality items or purchase your items at a fair and honest price. Call us today! at 305-778-2545.




Whitestone Midtown INC does not offer Exchanges, Returns or Refunds on any kind on any items  offered for sale in our physical stores or on our websites. All goods are custom made for purchase  and cannot be resold to other customers. However, we will process returns or exchanges for  unused items that are damaged or defective upon receipt of written notice of such damage or  defect within seven (7) days from date of purchase. Upon receipt of written notice, we will  respond promptly and accordingly. If damage or defect cannot be rectified, we will provide a  replacement item of same value. All written notices must be accompanied with proof of purchase  and substantiation that damage and or defect was present at the time of purchase rather than  after date the of purchase. All requests for exchange for a damage or defect, will be assessed on  a case-by-case basis with [INSERT NAME] retaining sole discretion.