Rolex Daytona Rainbow Rose gold-Damn, that's dope!

Rolex Daytona Rainbow Rose gold-Damn, that's dope!

For all timepiece lovers out there, Rolex has always been the name to go after. The brand, over decades of its existence has coined a niche for themselves, like no one else in close comparison. In 2012, Rolex came forward with another stellar offering, The Rainbow Daytona (or as it was named officially, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, reference 116595RBOW). And, tell you what, although it was a limited edition, it succeeded in enticing one and all. All decked up in yellow and white gold, the Rainbow Daytona soon became a statement for many, thus raising the bar real high. Fast forward to 2018, Rolex took it’s fans by surprise with the launch of Everose version, which introduced us to a rather spectacular metal chronograph with a handful of astounding features, like:

Undeniably, the Rolex Daytona Rose Gold is a rare offering , a true gem that only collectors and watch enthusiasts will love and treasure for the rest of their lives.

  • An alloy of pink gold pitted right against black lacquer dial,
  • Pink Gold Crystal sub-dials
  • 36 baguette-set sapphires for the bezel and colored sapphire indexe
  • 56 diamonds fitted right within the lugs and case, and colored sapphire indexes.
  • Houses an automatic caliber 4130
  • Waterproof, for up to 100 meters/330 feet.

Undeniably, the Rolex Daytona Rose Gold is a rare offering , a true gem that only collectors and watch enthusiasts will love and treasure for the rest of their lives.

A touch of new in a rather classic rendition

Not that the original Rolex Daytona wasn't enough to turn heads, but the jaw dropping Everose edition really made a difference. Especially, in terms of colours that look all the way more prominent on the bezel now. No denying the lovely pink hue is a total game changer, and amps the vibe right off this particular watch. Another significant change occurs along the hour indexes which now use colored sapphires in place and readily match the bezel gradient. In essence, it still remains a classic Rolex to the core, a standard Daytona, inherently a chronograph that uses embellishments to up the glamour quotient. For those who are being a bit speculative about the stones, here’s a bit of significant information to fill you in. Rolex has been a trusted brand for over decades, and they are seemingly unsparing when it comes to setting a benchmark for quality. Thus, every single sapphire and diamond has been worked upon by their in-house gem setters who are bent on working with flawless picks to adorn this monumental timepiece.

Is it for everybody ?

Well, tough call. You see, when looking to buy Rolex Daytona Rainbow Rose Gold, it can be a mixed blessing, particularly for those who like to keep it minimal and under toned However, there are many instances when people have had a sudden change in their likings, and have succumbed to the looks of this timepiece. No matter what, there can be buyers who are willing to shell out money purely driven by aesthetics. Coupled with the marvel of manufacturing, the Rolex Daytona is definitely one to be added to your collections, no matter if you choose to wear it too often, or not at all.

Pure, unadulterated fun

If there’s one reason to pick up this dope offering, it's gotta be fun! That’s right! When you adorn this watch on your wrist, its excitement, pride, and above all a feeling of light hearted fun that seems to evoke from all possible directions. Whether you like to pair it up with your formal wear, or with casual outfits, the Rolex Daytona is one choice that you can never go wrong with and will always win you people and places in tandem.

Wrap up

Being a limited edition offering, the availability of Rolex Daytona Rainbow Rose Gold remains a question. At Whitestone diamonds, we stock both new and old watches. You can trade in/sell/buy luRolex watches. What’s more, one is also entitled to some additional discount when buying a pre-owned Rolex.