Iced-out Luxury Jewelry

What is Ice-out jewelry?

In hip-hop and rap culture, the word “ice” refers to jewelry. “Iced Out” means to be covered in jewelry or diamonds. Many famous rappers have used the term iced out in their songs, referring to someone wearing a lot of jewelry.

However, in terms of jewelry, Ice out luxury jewelry is a specific kind. This kind of jewelry is costly because the entire crust of the metal is covered with white diamonds. The term iced-out comes from the look of the jewelry; when white diamonds cover the jewelry, it seems as if they’re as cheap as ice cubes. Such jewelry is a luxury only a few can afford.

Origin of Iced-out jewelry

Iced-out jewelry is typical in the hip-hop culture as they live luxurious lives. We can get a glimpse of their expensive lifestyle through music videos, magazines, and shows where they show huge mansions, expensive sports cars, and cash flowing. Since the lifestyle of these stars inspires their fans, it has now become quite a trend to wear and show off the bling of iced-out jewelry.

Types of Iced-out jewelry

Pure Iced-out Jewelry 

Pure iced-out jewelry uses expensive metals like silver, gold, or platinum. White diamonds in all sizes completely cover the piece of metal. The cost of the pure form would usually lie between thousands or hundred-thousands of dollars, which can never be affordable for a layman.   

Iced-out jewelry in the Fashion Industry

The rap artists and hip-hop music industry quickly influenced the fashion industry to embrace iced-out jewelry. At first, only women wore gold-plated iced-out jewelry. In the late 90s, this type of jewelry started to trend for men as well. Men wore chunkier jewelry pieces like watches, thick chains, and rings.

At this point, manufacturers used a cheap plastic base and glued cheap stones on it. However, this plastic-like base wasn’t durable in the long run. It would quickly lose color and its original shine when the finish wore off. The chunkier jewelry items would break easily, and if not, the glued stones would start to fall off.

Fashion jewelry manufacturers did not care much for the quality; they were just in business to follow the trend. Soon people felt the need for replica iced-out jewelry that promises quality to some extent. 

Replica Iced-out Jewelry

Rap and hip-hop artists inspired their fans to follow the trend. Hence, the industry started to produce replicas. Replica iced-out jewelry replaces expensive metals with heavy alloys that can give a fancy look and the bling of gold and silver.

Imitations copy designs from original branded jewelry items. The techniques have vastly improved over time with the advancement of technology, jewelry makers have succeeded in replicating the most intricate designs.


Replica iced-out jewelry has the bling of pure iced-out jewelry with a promise of quality. Hence, it seems unnecessary to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on pure iced-out jewelry items. Such jewelry doesn’t always mean chunky chains around the neck and rings on all your fingers. It can include decent items like a Rolex watch or a thin bracelet.