How Much is Your Diamond worth?

Diamonds have always attracted customers across borders and the need to have them in your closets can’t be denied. After some years, you might wish to sell them off at a fairly decent price when you no longer need the diamond ring. The current standard resell retail price of diamonds is supposed to be between $2000-$16000/carat. You have to see whether your ring or earring or pendant carries enough weight to get proper benefits. Sell your Engagement rings, diamond rings or loose diamonds with Whitestone Diamonds to get the highest value.

What to do?

An engagement ring is really close to one’s heart and it needs much forethought before even thinking to exchange or sell the same. When a financial crisis hits, especially during the time of a pandemic, the hoarded jewelry has to be sold. Therefore, we Whitestone Diamonds provide you with the right understanding and help you reach a proper decision while negotiating with us.
From authentication of your loose diamonds to giving the best costs, we prefer to take you through a seamless experience of selling your stones.

Can you sell antique, vintage or contemporary stones too?

At Whitestone Diamonds , we create a room for all kinds of old and new gems to be bought at attractive prices and also remain safe in the knowledge that our Resale Team will keep your worries at the fore.
We run resell programs to spread awareness and clear all doubts regarding renewed diamonds. Being located in the heart of Miami, we have acquired a good hold on the market and hence, our members promise to support in all possible ways.
Even if it is Sapphire or a ruby ring, you will be offered free consultation and then you can make your choices accordingly.
In many countries, the profit margin remains between 25%-50%. It is important to research current rates and not get trapped by frauds.
As discussed, the value of diamonds is based on 4 significant aspects such as their quality, colour, neatness and carat weight. Please be informed that an educated buyer will obviously look for a GIA or other such certification and will evaluate accordingly.
Time and again, you will have to shuttle between local shops and brands, due to the constant fluctuation in the market value of engagement rings and other designs.
We are better than the best in Miami and over 1000 trusted customers lean on our acumen. We guarantee highest returns on your gems and stones so that you don't have to look anywhere else in Miami than us.
We ensure that you will never regret and you will always have our back.