Different Shapes of Diamonds

What we usually mix up while talking about diamonds is the diamond cut and diamond shapes. It is to bear in mind that when diamond shapes are discussed, we look at it through two aspects, diamond cuts and diamond craftsmanship. These two factors are imperative while going into the details of different diamond shapes.

There is another point to focus as well which is about the variation of prices with the change in diamond shapes. We mostly hear that round shaped diamonds are least expensive and so on but how much a change in the shape of diamond weighs the price tags of a diamond. To consider all these factors and then look for the right diamond, this is the right place for you. Let's walk around the different and famous diamond shapes:

Types of Diamonds

  • Round Cut Diamond; known widely as a classic diamond cut beautifully engineered to produce amazing sparkles. 
  • Princess Cut Diamond; compared to round cut, princess cut diamonds are brilliantly sparkling with a small facing area but shines and looks fancy. 
  • Cushion Cut Diamond; despite covering little area compared to round cut diamonds, this is crafted in such an aesthetic way that the angles produce a fancy multi-coloured flashes. 
  • Heart Cut Diamond; the lobes which are the cleft and point on the heart shape diamond features an overall faceting arrangement with brilliant sparkling. 
  • Oval Cut Diamond; with 20% more facing area and cheaper than round cut diamonds, the Oval Cut diamond glitters exquisitely giving appearance to slender fingers. However, when choosing this, bowties are considered to be in mind so that it goes well. 
  • Emerald Cut Diamond; these diamonds are not the brilliant cuts rather the step cuts produce an effect of sparkles beautifully. Emerald cuts are way cheaper than rounds. 
  • Trillion Cut Diamond; the uniqueness of these diamond cuts with outstanding geometry and larger face up area than rounds make them popular. 
  • Marquise Cut Diamond; with larger face-up area than all the diamond cuts and cheaper than round cut diamond, it looks mesmerizing and fingers look slimmer too. 
  • Pear Cut Diamond; Also known as tear shape diamond. To look at this cut in the first instance, it looks like the combination of round and marquise cut diamonds. 
  • Asscher Cut Diamond; the breathtaking pattern and faceting of this diamond looks perfectly a vintage classic. With more sparkling light, this diamond is gaining a wide popularity. 
  • Radiant Cut Diamond; radiant cut diamonds look more like princess cut diamonds but with trimmed corners. Since it is rectangular in shape, the outline appears to be that of emerald but with clipped sides. 

Most Luxury Diamond Shape: 

It is evident from the above brief walk around the shapes of different diamonds that Round Cut Diamond is a standard where other cuts are compared to with. Round Cut Diamond is the most expensive diamond cut available.

The reason behind its luxury and expensiveness is that 40% of the rough diamond is crafted during the polishing and cutting process. It is one the widely known and sold among other diamond cuts. Due to the shape of this cut, people buy them for engagements for its beautifully engineered design.