All about Black Diamonds

Of late, the world has moved on from being stuck in their love for white diamonds to colored diamonds like sunny yellow, mesmerizing blue, and pretty pink that are much in demand. However, another lesser-known variant of colored diamonds that is fascinating and can create a lasting impression is a black diamond. The history of black diamonds goes much back in time and has a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding their existence. Also known as the carbonado, the black diamonds, in recent times, are highly regarded for their uniqueness and other impressive features. The popularity of a black diamond is so high that the black diamond rose gold ring has become a favorite as engagement and wedding rings.

There are three different types of black diamonds that are available for purchase, which vary in their specifications and also prices.

  • Natural black diamonds are an impure form of polycrystalline diamonds and consist of diamonds, graphite, and amorphous carbon. However, unlike other colored diamonds that get their color from the impurities present in them, black diamonds have a high amount of inclusions with the presence of graphite clusters that make them appear black.
  • The other type of black diamond is the treated black diamond, a low-grade white diamond with lots of inclusions and so is treated to create a black diamond. This type of black diamond is the cheapest and is also known as the colorless treated black diamond.
  • Simulant black diamonds are not diamonds in the true sense as they are lab-made. Although these are not original diamonds, they are not as cheap as treated black diamonds. A lot of research and technology are involved in creating these diamonds, which makes the cost higher than treated black diamonds. And since it does not make economic sense to spend dollars on making these diamonds, they are less available.

Qualities of Black Diamonds

  • Black diamonds are different in their composition, as, unlike other diamonds that are single stones, these diamonds are composed of millions of smaller black crystals.
  • Diamonds are known for their toughness, but you will be surprised to learn that black diamonds are the toughest. And due to this sturdy nature, polishing and cutting these diamonds is a difficult task.
  • Unlike other variants of diamonds that reflect light and shine, the black diamonds absorb light instead and don’t shine. Their aesthetic appeal comes from their polished surface. This specific quality is one of the reasons for the black diamond rose gold ring becoming a popular option for an engagement ring among people who prefer matt stones rather than shiny ones.
  • The rarity of the black diamonds also makes them quite special among other diamonds. You will be surprised to know that black diamonds are available only in two regions across the globe, i.e, Brazil and Central Africa.
  • Since there are a lot of mystery surrounding black diamonds, there are also many beliefs regarding the same. While some researchers believe that black diamonds were formed in outer space during some supernova explosions and reached Earth through some asteroid crash between the two some millions of years ago. However, there are also some prevalent beliefs in the Asian culture, where black diamonds are believed to be cursed as they resemble a spider or snake’s eye. Italians, however, on the other hand, consider these diamonds very lucky that bring good fortune in marriage.
  • Another feature of black diamonds is that they are found only in alluvial deposits. The hardness of the black diamonds makes it challenging to polish and cut and so takes longer than usual to make the most alluring black diamonds that will go into the making of the most beautiful black diamond rose gold ring.

All these features make the black diamond an impressive yet unconventional choice for engagement rings. Many designers are working to create unique creations around black diamonds for their exclusive clients. White Stone Diamonds also brings you some drool-worthy black diamond rings in our extensive collections of engagement rings.

What makes black diamonds unique?

The most alluring quality of black diamonds is their unique visual quality, which is not just limited to their color. Unlike other diamonds, black diamonds are not transparent. They are opaque and so have a lustrous shine that is captivating. Moreover, although black diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds available, however, what comes as a surprise is that they are much more affordable than colorless diamonds. So, when rarity comes together with affordability, it is bound to be unique and appreciated by diamond lovers.

However, what remains an essential part, is caring for these diamonds. Black diamonds require special care as they have many inclusions and are prone to cracks, so you need to be extremely gentle with them. However, if cleaned at home, it is recommended that black diamonds need to be cleaned with soap and water alone. And to prevent them from damaging, avoid using ultrasonic jewelry cleaners or steam cleaners for cleaning.

Final Word

White Stone Diamonds is a trusted brand that offers a large variety of Diamond jewelry in colorless and black diamonds. Our collection includes an extensive range like black diamond rose gold ring, which are much in demand and are aesthetically appealing.